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Dr Bowen has been treating Allergy, Asthma and Sinus for more than 30 years with thousands of happy patients from age 2 and up who enjoy amazing improvements in their quality of life. His wife, Elizabeth works as Practice Manager together they provide Highly Specialized care three days a week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.


Allergy Asthma and Sinus

Dr Bowen is a Specialist in treating these conditions that can steal quality of life.  Relief from symptoms is very possible as a result of his Clinical Care.  Appointments are scheduled with adequate time for highly individual care and complete histories.  Initial appointments may last an hour or more.  All appointments are honored and started within minutes of your arrival.  


Skin Testing

Skin testing is the highly refined diagnostic technique that gives Dr Bowen a very specific picture of your body's unique reactions to various allergens. All testing, reading, compounding of extracts and administration of shots are done by Dr Bowen himself.  Doctor Administrated care at every step is one of the unique features of Dr Treat and Prevent.  



The Doctor Who Cures is Needed; The Doctor Who Prevents is Best.


When asked about our Practice name, Dr Treat and Prevent, the story is: 

 She - The name should tell what you do.

  He - All I want to do is to Treat and Prevent. 

-and as to why such a fancy Clinic in Fort Pierce ?

The Answer is They Needed It.

Our first mailing said:  Love and Business Can Coexist at the Juncture of Meaning and Purpose.

Be the Change You Want to See. 



It's Not Just All About Needles


Treatments are highly customized for each patient's needs.  Dr Bowen has an arsenal of training, knowledge and experience to enable him to pinpoint the basis of symptoms and construct a unique treatment plan that means teamwork between patient and doctor to achieve better quality of life. 

Asthma May Be Allergies


Diagnosis and treatment of Allergies can bring the demon Asthma under control or complete remission.  Everyone suffering with Asthma symptoms should be evaluated for Allergies. Immunotherapy can bring relief and remission. 


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